About Us

What started out in 2011 as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion for natural and handmade soaps.

We quickly realized that even a simple soap, with the right ingredients, could do more that just wash your hands or cleanse your body.

So in 2012, Simply Prana was born. We started formulating recipes to be good for your skin, as well as cleansing and energizing to your body, mind and spirit!

All of our soaps are made with organic butters, herbs and essential oils, plus sea salt, known for its cleansing power.

We also take it a step further! Since we believe “where focus goes, energy flows”, we use the power of intention to infuse all of our products with loving energy! We want all of our creations to empower and inspire you as you go through your day.


Here at Simply Prana, it's all about good energy!

Our soaps are free from:
Synthetic ingredients, Palm Oil, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, fillers, phosphates, harsh chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum.

Our products are made with:
Organic and natural plant materials such as food grade cold pressed oils, butters, herbs and essential oils. Our soaps have the added benefit of natural sun dried sea salt. Everything we make is infused with good energy!